This means 473,000 people wouldn’t get the healthcare they need

Cite for 473k [Albany Herald, 5.20.18]

Urban Institute study, May 2018

With our rural hospitals and people’s lives on the line, we cannot afford to let Kemp keep the health care system broken. 

Medicaid would provide payments to hospitals and health care providers across the state

As rural hospitals continue to shut down, our economy and jobs are threatened

In Georgia at least 7 rural hospitals have closed since 2010[AJC, 1/10/18]

“Hospitals in rural areas are usually an economic anchor, providing skilled jobs as well as nearby health care.”

[AJC, 1/10/18]

As governor, Brian Kemp will hurt the sick and injured by refusing to provide health care coverage to those who need it

And by keeping our insurance rate atits current standing as fifth worst in the country

Georgia’s UNINSURANCE rate is the fifth worst in the Country,

Georgia Health Budget Primer for State Fiscal Year 2019