Brian Kemp continuously suppresses voters

Voter Suppressionist Brian Kemp purposefully makes it harder to vote.

His action have harmed the elderly, people of color, and low income communities

Kemp has spent his tenure as Georgia Secretary of State making it harder for Georgians to vote. He has even been called an “expert on voter suppression.”

Georgia cancels registration of more than 591,500 voters [AJC, 7.31.17]

Kemp defends Georgia’s ‘exact match’ voter registration law [AJC, 8/6/18]

Register Minority Voters in Georgia, Go to Jail

[The New Republic, 5/5/15]

Voting Rights Advocates Demand that Georgia Secretary of State Cease Discriminatory ‘No Match, No Vote’ Registration Protocol, Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights Under Law, 7.19.18

Headline: Brian Kemp, Enemy of Democracy
“...Mr. Kemp has worked diligently to fortify the Republicans’ crumbling bulwark since he became secretary of state in 2010. He has begun investigations into organizations that registered nearly 200,000 new Asian-American and African-American voters — efforts that resulted in the first majority-black school board in a small town.

“His investigations yielded no charges, no indictments, no convictions, despite years of probing, suspects’ losing their jobs and Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents knocking on doors. Yet the intimidation had an impact. An attorney from a targeted organization told a reporter: “I’m not going to lie; I was shocked. I was scared.”

“While Mr. Kemp insisted that these investigations were about preventing in-person voter fraud (which basically doesn’t exist), he was more candid when talking with fellow Republicans: “Democrats are working hard,” he warned in a recording released by a progressive group “registering all these minority voters that are out there and others that are sitting on the sidelines.”

“If they can do that, they can win these elections in November,” Mr. Kemp said. Therefore, even after the multiple investigations yielded no indication of fraud, thousands of people registered during these drives were not on the voter registration rolls, and a court ruling kept it that way.

“Mr. Kemp also used Exact Match, a version of the infamous Crosscheck database, to put tens of thousands of citizens in electoral limbo, refusing to place them on the rolls if an errant hyphen, a stray letter or a typographical error on someone’s voter registration card didn’t match the records of the state’s driver’s license bureau or the Social Security office.

“Using this method, Mr. Kemp blocked nearly 35,000 people from the voter rolls. Equally important, African-Americans, who made up a third of the registrants, accounted for almost 66 percent of the rejected applicants. And Asian-Americans and Latino voters were more than six times as likely as whites to have been stymied from registering.” [Op Ed, Dr. Carol Anderson, African-American studies at Emory University, New York Times, 8/11/18]

In the 2017 special election, Kemp made the deadline to register 2 months before the law allowed.

5 civil rights groups then filed a lawsuit against him

In 2017, in advance of a high stakes special election in Georgia’s 6th CD, Kemp set the deadline to register to vote to 2 months before the law allowed. [Georgia is Trying to Block Newly Registered Voters From Taking Part in Fierce Runoff Election, Huffington Post, 4/21/2017; Judge Overturns Early Voter Registration Deadline for the Ossoff-Handel Race, New York Magazine, 5/5/2017]

Kemp will continue to purge voters and silence voices

Between 2012 and 2016, Georgia purged 1.5 million voters from the voting rolls.

[ABC News, 7/24/18; Report, Brennan Center for Justice, 7/20/18]

Kemp said voter purges “prevent fraud at the ballot box, are appropriate and necessary to ensure secure, accessible and fair elections,” [Supreme Court allows voter purges in states like Georgia, AJC, 6/11/18]

Support Stacey Abrams, a champion for voting rights

Is Stacey Abrams Assembling a New Democratic Majority? [OpEd, Aimee Allison, President of Democracy in Color, New York Times, 4/30/18]